She believed she could so she did

How does one recover from sadness? For some people, they tend to keep it solely to themselves and would just patiently wait until such unwanted melancholy leave their bodies entirely. This type of individuals have opted to remain secretive about their miserable situation as they deem that making it known would just brand them as […]

Healthy Self, Heal Thy Self

I actually do not know what to write in this blog but I just felt the sudden urge to make one so forgive me for my random thoughts that will come your way. Let me share to you about some of the things that kept me busy for the past few months until now. First, […]

Barely the Golden Child

Never have I confided to anyone about my demons in life, not even to my closest friends, not even to my family. This is because I was and still afraid, no terrified, that if I do, it would destroy whatever it is that is left of my being and I cannot deem what my life […]

Longer Than Forever

First of all, I am not certain if this letter would reach you but if it does, I hope you will read all of its content. Actually, I really do not know where to start… I have so many things to say but I think that would make this letter very dull and boring and […]

Pessimistic Optimistic

  So far from my goal Better to leave the soul No good news since my first step Maybe it’s better to stop the breath No where near my dreams Eventhough I tried every means Not sure if it’s still worth a try I’ve used all my tears when I cried They said don’t give […]

Smooth Operators

I was quite busy the whole day becase of the errands that I have to finish but nevertheless, I was able to complete all the tasks efficiently. Later that afternoon, my friends and I ( We call our group SMOOPS – derived from the song smooth operators) wanted to try the spicy korean noodles. It […]